Francesco Zevio began studying accordion at the age of 12 in Verona, under the guidance of Maestro Silvano Peloso. He played in concerts in Italy (Verona, solo or in orchestra, Padova & Toscana, in various bands including the italian-folk music group Compagnia dea Laguna, in the Marche with the ensemble of Pesaro's conservatory); as well in Spain with the ensemble of the academy Vivarium Novum; and in France.

Hugo Fonfon discovered the joys of juggling when he was 6. After years of teaching himself the technic, he came on stage for the first time in 2014, with his first performance called "The Interstellar Traveler" that he presented from Argentina to Vietnam, going through Uruguay, France, Germany, Spain, Cambodia... He then took part in the creation and acting of 4 other full circus shows with different companies from different nationalities. With his creations, Hugo Fonfon always tries to mix the disciplines (circus, corporal theatre, Mime, music, magic...) in order to tell stories and step away from the pure technic. Touring in Cambodia, he was invited to take part of a show from "Phare Ponleu Selpak, the Cambodian Circus".

Mime en Mi Mineur

    The Company

    The Circus company "Mime en Mi Mineur", a poetic duo with live Music. Through mime, circus, theater and magic, they transport the public in a world of dreams and reflexions on oneself. They will bring you back to those times when the power of silence was important. Mime, this lost discipline, is what "Mime en Mi Mineur" want people to (re)discover. Francesco's Music leads Hugo's mime between reality and dreams, where each and everyone in the audience is invited to travel through her/his imagination

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